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Pensacola Beach "Trashed" -

SRIA Safety Director Bob West comments on holiday weekend trash left behind...not as bad as in previous years...

Mother Nature has met her match. Queen Shugah To Protect Island -
David McDonald Comments on Beach Governance -
Read his "Letter to the Editor" Click here 
What will the County pay for on the Beach? Island Parity -

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27: El Cano in port in Pensacola
27: Santa Rosa Island Authority Meeting, 5 pm. #1 Via de Luna, Open to the Public. sria-fla.com
29: Trivia Night Beach Church, 6 p.m. Open to all. $12.50. Tickets 850-932-6628.
30: Charity Chase, 2 mile sand run. Park East. 8 a.m.
30: Ocean Hour Clean Up, Park West, 9 a.m.
30; DeLuna Landing Ceremonies, Amphitheatre Boardwalk, 3 p.m.
31: Queen Shugah Island Protection Day
31: Cornhole Beach Bar Series, Flounder's 11 a.m.

1: Beach Safety Week
2: Bookmobile at Casino Beach, 10:30 to Noon
2: Bands on the Beach, 7-9, Gulfside Pavilion
3: Bubble Soccer, The Studer Group, behind Hilton, noon - 4
6: Triathlon, Portofino, 7 am
6: SUP Race, Santa Rosa Sound, Boardwalk, 9 am
7: Mere Mortals Training, TriGulfCoast.com Members
7: Wooly Booger Social Club, Keep the  Hurricanes Away Party, 3 p.m. Paradise
9: Bands on the Beach, 7-9, Gulfside Pavilion
10: SRIA Meeting, 5 p.m. #1 Via de Luna
11: Concert Amphitheatre Boardwalk, 11 a.m.
11: Triathlon Portofino, 7 a.m.
12: Fort Pickens Star Gaze, Battery Worth, Dusk
14: Mere Mortals Training, TriGulfCoast.com Members
14: Cornhole Tourney, Crab's, 11 a.m.
16: Bookmobile, Casino Beach, 10:30 to Noon
16: Bands on the Beach, 7-9 Gulfside Pavilion